tank weighing from a single tank to a tank farm can be handled with R320/323, R400 or the 1203 weight transmitter.

  • The R320 (ABS housing) and R323 (stainless steel) provide basic weighing functionality at the tank. The two high current isolated outputs can provide local control which could be used for level control for example. The communications port can be used to work back to a PC or in a larger installation multiple indicators can be configured in a ring network, saving on cabling.
  • The 1203 weight transmitter can connect back to a PLC or PC using various methods – 4-20mA Analogue/RS232/RS485, all of which come standard.
  • The R400 indicators provide the most flexibility and control as they can be configured with multiple IO and communication options – including Profibus and Ethernet. An R400 indicator is suitable as a standalone controller or as a networked unit.

Supported Products

R300 Series Indicators

R320 and R323: These indicators provide basic weighing functionality at the tank with a 20mm (0.8″) back lit LCD display. RS232 is standard and a programmable function key is available. Two high current isolated outputs are available for local control, which could be used for level control for example.

To reduce cabling in a tank farm R320/R323’s can be configured in a ring network back to a computer.

  • Connect up to 31xR320s into a ring network
  • Simple setup with the PC software
  • Uses only one communication port on the master computer
  • Saves on communications cabling.

Complete Weighing Assemblies

Fully welded construction ensures total environmental sealing coupled with excellent long term

Complete Weighing Assemblies

The T95 LA range consists of both stainless steel and alloy steel load cells complete with toughened auto-phoretic finish loading assembly. Although the assembly is used in compression, the cell is mounted in a pendulum and operates in tension. This ensures that the load point is always maintained through the central axis of the cell, even when the assembly is subjected to considerable movement or misalignment.

Complete Weighing Assemblies

The MasterMount is designed for vessel weighing. It uses a patented lever and cam mechanism that enables the top plate of the loading assembly to be raised and lowered with a 180 degree turn with just an M30 socket spanner and T-bar.

R420 and R423: An R400 can be configured with multiple inputoutput (up to 32) and communication options. It supports RS232 and RS485 for communications back to a printer and/or computer. The alpha numeric keypad and large display assist the operator along with three programmable function keys. Programmable printing provides flexibility for printing custom dockets and reports.

In a large tank farm the R400 indicators could be networked using either Profibus-DP or Ethernet. As an R400 can be configured with multiple IO or an analogue output they would be used to control individual elements at the tank itself (filling valves etc.)

Weight Transmitters

The 1203 weight transmitter can connect back to a PLC or PC using 4-20mA Analogue, RS232 or RS485, all of which come standard. It comes in a tough IP65 cast aluminium housing. A display option is available should the weight need to be displayed at the tank.

Calibrate without test weights – The 1203 allows tanks to be calibrated without test weights using a factory mVV calibration. Refer to the Application Note on mVV calibration in the 1203 product page downloads.


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