Rinstrum Conweigh Announce Global Alliance in Mobile Container Weighing conWEIGHr

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Rinstrum Conweigh Announce Global Alliance in Mobile Container Weighing conWEIGHr

Release date: 04 Nov 16

Conweigh and Rinstrum are delighted to formally announce a new partnership. The licensing agreement will see Rinstrum manufacture and sell the Conweigh mobile container weighing pedestals, branded conWEIGHr. The pedestal has been developed to allow customers to comply instantly with the new SOLAS shipping requirements at the point of packing. SOLAS requires the shipper to provide a VGM certificate for their containers. Weighing is performed using the conWEIGHr Pedestal set and Conweigh phone app. The VGM certificate is generated and submitted instantly and also accessible via the user’s secure Conweigh VGM Cloud account.

Currently containers are generally weighed over a weigh bridge. This timing means the VGM certificate has to be prepared in the time between when the truck goes over the bridge and when it arrives at port and it offers no opportunity for repacking and no indication of load distribution. Whereas the conWEIGHr allows for the container to be weighed at point of packing (and modified for load distribution or over/under capacity) and ensure you have a safely loaded container with a certified VGM certificate prior to any form of transport also helping comply with road legislation. All of which can occur well before the truck arrives to take the container to port.

Conweigh offer an on demand service through a licensee network. The on demand service is ideal for customers who ship from various locations or small volumes of containers. A weighing is booked and a licensee comes to site to perform the container weighing and issue of the VGM Certificate. Customers shipping more containers per week should consider investing in a conWEIGHr set of pedestals to perform their own container weighing.

The conWEIGHr pedestals offer a fully mobile trade approved solution that caters for uneven ground and accommodates for angled or out of level containers on most types of ground. Low power Bluetooth is used from the pedestals back to the Conweigh application on the mobile phone. A separate lifting system is available where there is no heavy load lifting equipment onsite already or if preferred. conWEIGHr is ideal for side loader applications, straddle lifters and reach stackers.

Globally 140 million containers are shipped annually that all need to be weighed with a VGM certificate before they ship! The conWEIGHr pedestals and the online VGM certificate are ideal for mid-range operations.

 Product page

Conweigh Weigh to Go On Demand Service |Ph +61 7 3073 3901 | www.conweigh.net

Click through to conWEIGHr product page and brochure: conWEIGHr Pedestals Product Details 

Call or email Rinstrum for enquires about the purchase of a pedestal sets:

Rinstrum – conWEIGHr – Pedestal set purchase | | www.rinstrum.com
Australia Rinstrum Pty Ltd : Ph +61 7 3216 7166 | sales@rinstrum.com 
Europe Rinstrum GmbH : Ph 49(0)6162 91 65 6-0 | sales.eu@rinstrum.com
USA Rinstrum Inc: Toll Free 1 877 829 9152 | Ph: +1 248 680 0320 | sales.usa@rinstrum.com

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