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C500 Series

Bringing together 25 years of smart weighing

- Compact ½ DIN standard housing
- 10,000d @ 0.5 μV/d OIML R76
- European WELMEC compliant legal for trade data storage
- Embedded Linux Operating System
- User Programmability
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Superior Diagnostics

Our 400 series indicators have a range of diagnostic tools and features that aid system commisioning and maintenance.

- Hardware configuration report summarises how the indicator hardware is setup, providing a record for maintenance purposes or fault finding
- Force output and test input functions allow the installer to specifically test I/O to assist in site setup
- Modules can be swapped in and out without recalibration of the indicator, saving time and effort
- Status LED on each I/O
- Overload counter to review if the scale has been overloaded to assist in maintenance

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R320 Series

Full Housing Versions

- 4AA battery desk stand and plug pack
- 2 connector version using M12s and waterproof boot
- 4 connector version includes communicatios and I/O M12 connections
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rinLIVE online activation

Take advantage of Rinstrum indicators being flash upgradeable and use rinLIVE for online activation.

- Reduce your inventory costs by stocking cold units
- Activate firmware and pay as you install

rinLIVE, the most economical and flexible way to get indicators into your warehouse ready for your next job.

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Lua Programmable Indicators

Our R400 Series indicator already have over 10 standard firmware builds, now you can add programmability and make it infinity.

- Ethernet Port/USB Port
- 64 MB SDRAM, 64 MB Flash
- Embedded Linux operating system
- Open source Lua scripting

Simply add a Lua module to an R400 series indicator to make the application yours.


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exactly what You need

With our global distribution network, we get extensive feedback on exactly what you need. Our team devotes time, experience and skill to convert this insight into weighing products that are truly innovative and a pleasure to own and operate.


Rinstrum excels in providing quality products and broad range of weighing applications.

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Process Control
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Parts Counting
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Check Weighing
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Truck Weighing - Single Deck
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Truck Weighing - Multi Deck
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Onboard Weighing
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Luggage Weighing
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Tank Weighing
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