The R300 and R400 Series indicators are suitable for a range of onboard or mobile weighing applications. Both have a wide DC operating range for easy system integration and feature the magnetically coupled opto-link on the front fascia which allows for simple software uploads and setup.

These IP65 panel mount indicators are available in either ABS or flush mounted stainless steel.

Supported Products

R300 Series Indicators

Both the R300 and R400 Series indicators have the following features that enhance their compatibility with onboard weighing applications

  • Long life rechargeable NiMH battery option
  • Magnetically coupled opto-link on front fascia – Easy access in situ for updates/setup of the indicator, saving the installer time and effort.
  • IP65 rated housings – Dust and water tight, increasing reliability and indicator life time.
  • Battery Backed Clock Calendar
  • ON/OFF key with memory feature
  • Built-in RS232  for connection to printer, PC or display
  • Trade and emissions approvals in Australia and Europe  Making the end equipment export ready with an approved weighing component.
  • Input for tilt switches.

R300 Series Indicators

What makes the R3 series indicators suited to onboard weighing specifically:

  • R320 ultra compact ABS housing (160x75x30mm) or the R323 flush stainless steel housing – Allows for the unit to be readily mounted on small control panels
  • Versatile power options with a wide DC (7 to 24VDC) operating range – Eliminates the need for third party power supplies saving on system complexity and cost.
  • Specialist software is available for hydraulic pressure measurement.
  • Two isolated high side outputs (300mA total at 50VDC) – Reduces wiring and the need for external relays, saving installation cost and reducing overall system size.

The R400 series indicators with their modular system allow the flexibility to design for a specific onboard weighing application. 

  • Up to 32 I/O
  • Versatile power options  AC, DC (12-24VDC) and rechargeable battery
  • Isolated high side outputs (400mA total at 50VDC) – Reduces wiring and the need for external relays, saving installation cost and reducing overall system size.
  • The K491 is a general purpose indicator that uses an accessory module to connect to a 2 axis tilt sensor that provides tilt compensation. The K491 is ideal for specialist truck OEM’s requiring electronics for accurate load weighing solutions where the load may be on an angle.

Small Remote Displays

In some applications there may be the need for the weight to be displayed away from the indicator, a small remote display satisfies this requirement  for example the indicator may be located in the cab of a truck and the remote display at the rear.


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