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The R400, 5000 and R300 series indicators can all be networked back to a controlling PC.

Benefits of networking:

  • Uses only one communication port on the master computer
  • Saves on communications cabling

Supported Products

R400 Series indicators can be networked using:

  • Multi-drop RS485 networked configuration with connection back to a controlling PC.
  • Profibus DP using the Rinstrum 1400
  • Ethernet using the M4221 module

5000 Series

The 5000’s can be networked using:

  • Multi-drop RS485
  • Modbus ASCII network
  • Profibus DP using the Rinstrum 1400

R300 Series Indicators

The R320 and R323 support RS232 ring functionality back to a master computer making it suitable for basic weight networked applications.

  • Connect up to 31xR320s into a ring network
  • Simple setup with the R300 Viewer

Small Remote Displays

In some applications there may be the need for the weight to be displayed away from the indicator, a small remote display satisfies this requirement for example in a silo installation the indicators maybe located in a control hut and remote displays on the silos.


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