Rinstrum Launches the C510 Industrial Weight Controller

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The C510 industrial weight controller is the newest offering in Rinstrum’s state-of-the-art C500 Series.

Ideal for truck weighing and process control applications, the C510 is a direct drop in replacement for WE2110 and WE2111 indicators from HBM as well as the Rinstrum 5000.

The C510 has a high-contrast LED display and a 5-button keypad, and has a host of connectivity options, such as USB (Host and Slave) and Ethernet. It also supports Modbus TCP and legacy ASCII. Functionality can be extended via support for add-on modules that may provide

  • Up to 8 digital I/O
  • Analogue output including two isolated I/O
  • Isolated RS232 or RS485

The indicator can be set up using the C510 Viewer software (for PC) through Ethernet or a USB Slave port.

For more information, see the C510 Industrial Weight Controller Page.

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