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Programmable Indicators – Lua and R400 MAX

Release date: 19 Mar 18

The R400 Series indicators offers programmability using Lua and the supporting libraries and devices contained in the M4223 module. The Lua module includes an Ethernet and USB port, 400MHz 32bit ARM9 processor and 64 MB SDRAM/64 MB Flash, allowing extensive customization.

R400 MAX:

As a dealer, you define the customer application, and Rinstrum provides and configures an R400 unit accordingly for a fixed price. R400-MAX is available in either the ABS housing (R420) or stainless-steel housing (R423).

How Does It Work?
The dealer works with the customer to fully understand the application and its hardware requirements and documents it for Rinstrum. Rinstrum configures the R400 indicator (including programming on the Lua module and any modules that are required) to meet Application Specification provided by the Dealer. Installation and commissioning on-site is completed by the Dealer.

Visit the R400 MAX page and R400 Programmable Indicators page for more information call your regional Sales Engineer to discuss your next application.

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