Onboard Weighing Application using R320 mimic functionality

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A new application has been developed to facilitate onboard weighing. This application takes inputs from up to four T620 weight transmitters connected in a ring network with an R320 indicator running the A327 mimic firmware. Onboard Loadcells such as the H10 range or B8 and H8 standard shearbeams are connected to the T620’s via the IP rated MC5 and the digital ring via the MC8 M12 cabling solutions.

Each encapsulated T620 weight transmitter is typically installed where a group of loadcells are located and the R320 installed near the operator.  The A327 firmware can display the weights of individual T620s using the mimic mode as well as the aggregate weight using summing mode. R320 keys are functional and replicate the function on the T620s.

The application also allows the use of an IP69K T105 modified XD30 remote display, installed using the digital MC8 ring network. This is ideal for replicating the weigh information of the R320 in a remote position away from the normal operator location. The XD30 is installed on the last T620 by removing the loop back connector.


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