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A live chat feature has been introduced to the Rinstrum website that allows visitors to directly get in touch with Rinstrum’s sales team.

The chat feature can be found on the bottom right of each web page, and the chat window will open when the tab is clicked. Either enter your name and e-mail address or log in using your Facebook or Google account, enter which company you represent and in which country you are located, select whether you want to chat about sales or support in the “Select the Department” dropdown, and type in your question or message in the text box provided.

If our agents are online, they will provide live support, and the chat feature will be entitled “Chat now”. If none of our agents are online, you may leave a message using the same window, which will be entitled “Leave a message” In the near future, Rinstrum aims to enable this as a 24-hour chat service during weekdays.

Live Chat Window available on the bottom right of all pages in this site.

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