Rinstrum offers technical phone and email support from our offices in Australia, Germany, USA and Sri Lanka. To assist with a support enquire you may be asked to use TeamViewer, you will need to download and provide the details to our staff so they can access your computer if necessary.

Click through to TeamViewer download http://download.teamviewer.com/download/TeamViewerQS_en.exe
Click through to Service Tools – includes comm port notifier.

Why a rinLINK makes servicing easier

A rinLINK provides a simple connection from your computer to a Rinstrum indicator

  • USB or serial to the PC
  • Magnetically attaches to the front of the indicator for a quick simple connection
  • Use it to download a new firmware
  • Use it when you want to run Viewer on the PC for indicator configuration or backup
  • Download R000-611 rinLINK Manual
  • Click through to rinLINK drivers

Why Viewer makes servicing and installation easier

Viewer is Rinstrum’s free software tool that presents the indicator setting on your computer for modification or backup to an RIS file. Viewer displays the complete menu structure of the indicator on the PC with convenient drop down menus for setting selection.

  • Video using Viewer PC software to configure SALES-C02
  • R000-612 Viewer Manual
  • Click through to Viewer downloads

Upgrading firmware

Rinstrum indicators can be reflashed with new firmware. The new firmware might be a later revision of the same application firmware that might have additional features or you might want to change the application firmware from basic weighing to batching for example.

– Each Product Page includes relevant downloads or if you know what you are after you can go directly to the All Downloads page.

Calibration Videos

Calibration Sheets

Comparison Matrix


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