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rinUPDATE for November 2019

The rinUPDATE for November 2019 includes Winner of the Rinstrum Prize, R400 series used in Packweigh Equipment, and Rinstrum US Dealer using R320 in a Patient Weighing Application. rinUPDATE-11-19Download
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rinUPDATE for October 2019

The rinUPDATE for October 2019 includes how Rinstrum has continued its sponsorship of World Solar Challenge, has a product focus on the C500 series, and introduces a video released on…
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rinUPDATE for September 2019

The rinUPDATE for September 2019 contains an introduction to Rinstrum’s new multi-purpose Stainless Steel brackets, an introduction to the R427 Stainless Steel Full Housing Indicator, the update to R400 Series…
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rinUPDATE for August 2019

The rinUPDATE for August 2019 includes a look at a solution developed by Rinstrum USA for a client who requested a cement mould filling application, the change in Rinstrum’s policy…
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rinUPDATE for July 2019

The rinUPDATE for July 2019 includes Rinstrum’s Booth at InterWEIGHING 2019 Shanghai, Rinstrum’s recertification for ISO 9001:2015, Updates to the R300 and X300 Reference Manuals, and the utilization of an…
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rinUPDATE for June 2019

The rinUPDATE for June 2019 includes the presence of Rinstrum at InterWeighing 2019 Shanghai, a Video on Scrolling Text on D841 Superbright LED Remote Display, an update to the X-Mount…
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rinUPDATE for May 2019

The rinUPDATE for May 2019 includes the presence of Rinstrum at InterWeighing 2019 Shanghai, a video tutorial on Lua Print Engine 2.0, an update to the X-Mount Datasheet, and an…
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rinUPDATE for April 2019

The rinUPDATE for April 2019 includes several news items on the C500 Series, including the introduction of a Full Colour Brochure for the C510, the ability to activate C500 via…
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rinUPDATE for March 2019

The rinUPDATE for March 2019 includes news on the new RMA process for returns, updates to the M4223 Lua Megamodule, the Rinstrum Remote Display Comparison Matrix, and the release of…
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rinUPDATE for February 2019

The rinUPDATE for February 2019 includes news on the release of several new training videos for the R400 Series of Indicators, the creation of a Calibration Sheet for the R300…
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rinUPDATE for January 2019

The rinUPDATE for January 2019 includes news on the creation of the Manual for C510 Indicator, the addition of XG3030 to the range of XG Scales, the update to K404…
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rinUPDATE for December 2018

The rinUPDATE for December 2018 includes news on the new C510 weight transmitter launch, the R400 series firmware and manual updates,  and updates to rinLIVE. Rinstrum would also like to…
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