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Rinstrum’s XG Scale bases have been certified by NTEP (Certificate Number 19-147), boosting its appeal in the US market.

The XG series is a range of sturdy scales with a stainless steel platform and stainless steel tubular frame fitted with an aluminum load cell. The base is available by itself or assembled with a Rinstrum indicator, depending on the functionality and environment.

XG Scale base fitted with Rinstrum R300 Series indicator

XG Scale Bases are available in a wide range of capacities:

Model NameDimensionsScale Capacity
XG-3030-10A 12″ x 12″ / 300mm x 300mm25lb / 10kg
XG-3030-25A12″ x 12″ / 300mm x 300mm 50lb / 25kg
XG-3030-50A12″ x 12″ / 300mm x 300mm100lb / 50kg
XG-3040-100A12″ x 16″ / 300mm x 400mm250lb / 100kg
XG-4050-200A16″ x 20″ / 400mm x 500mm400lb / 200kg
XG-5060-400A20″ x 24″ / 500mm x 600mm1000lb / 500kg

For more information, see the XG Scales page.

The NTEP Certificate of Conformance for XG Scale bases is available from the NCWM website here (PDF Format).


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