Before returning equipment for credit / repair / warranty assessment, please contact your local Rinstrum office for a return authority (RMA Number).  Please have ready the unit serial number, model number and problem description so the RMA form can be completed.  The completed RMA form with the RMA number will be emailed to you.  Please print out the RMA and return with the equipment for repair/credit/warranty assessment to Rinstrum. All repairs should come through a Rinstrum dealer.

For enquiries regarding breakdown or repair, please contact your local scale company in the first instance – their details are generally on a label on the unit or nearby.  Where there is no scale company reference, please contact Rinstrum and we can put you in contact with a local Rinstrum dealer.

Dealer Technical Support Email Contacts:

United States:

Terms and Conditions/Warranty

QADC-604 AU T&C of Sale
QADC-606 AU Warranty
QADC-625 US T&C of Sale
QADC-626 US Warranty
QADC-616 EU T&C of Sale en
QADC-618 EU Warranty en
QADC-617 EU T&C of Sale de
QADC-693 LK Warranty Statement
QADC-692 LK Terms & Conditions of Sale


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