Rinstrum provides Smart Weighing for Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019

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Bridgestone World Solar Challenge – the world’s largest and most prestigious solar car race – is currently on the way. This 3000km race from Darwin to Adelaide pits the most advanced solar powered vehicles on the planet against each other in a gruelling contest against not just each other, but against the elements as well. World Solar Challenge has a bigger mission than just the race, as it puts on display the vanguard of solar power technology that can be adopted as mass-scale power sources of the future.

As Australia’s leading weighing solutions provider, Rinstrum Smart Weighing has been a partner of World Solar Challenge for several years, and we continue to provide our services at this year’s World Solar Challenge.

At the scrutineering stations, metrics such a battery weight, vehicle weight and balance, and passenger ballast have to be measured so that they fit in with the strict guidelines. For example, the combined weight of drivers, passengers, and their ballast should be more than or equal to 80kg. Rinstrum’s portable and accurate instrumentation allows for an easy and consistent weighing every time. To ensure that weights stay within the acceptable range, spot checks are carried out, and Rinstrum’s portable weighing solutions allow this at any point during the race.

Driver being weighed (at WSC 2017). Notice the R320 indicator in the foreground.

The vehicle weighing system comprises of 4 load cells, each connected via a T610 weight transmitter. The T610s maintain RS485 communication with a R423 indicator running Lua. The R423 is also connected to a printer with which the official weights are printed. The T610 is basically a fully-functional R320 without display or keyboard, and is ideal for applications the require portability owing to its small size.

Clockwise from Top-left: Car wheel placed on a rugged load cell, load cell close-up, Rinstrum’s R423 indicator mounted in a portable case, results of weighing printed out.

For more information on Rinstrum’s programmable (Lua) indicators, visit the R400 Lua Programmable Indicators page.
For more information on the T610 and other weight transmitters offered by Rinstrum, visit the T Series T610, T620 and T105 page.
For more information on R320 indicators, visit the R320 ABS Indicators page.

For more information on World Solar Challenge, visit the World Solar Challenge website.


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