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X ScalesXG Scales
XG Scales
XG Scales

XG Scales

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Key Highlights & Features
Product Description
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Deflect splatter
  • No warping
  • best operator viewing angle
  • Rectangular folded pan
  • Over load protection stops

XG series bases

  •  Aluminium load cell
  •   Stainless steel (304) frame/pan/post
  •   300x400mm pan XG3040 (150kg Max)
  •   400x500mm pan XG4050 (200kg Max)
  •   500x600mm pan XG5060 (300kg Max)

Max Capacities

  •  XG3040 150kg
  •   XG4050 200kg
  •   XG5060 300kg


Smart Weighing
XG Scales

built to last

  • 2mm circular 304 stainless tubal steel
  • Over load protection stops
  • Rectangular folded pan
  • Overload recording increments every time the scale is overloaded

easy maintenance & operation

 Clear open frame  Easy to keep clean.
  Removable low sided pan - Deflect splatter
  Sturdy pan construction  No warping
  2 Axis rotating head  For best operator viewing angle

Product Downloads
The following files are available for download for the XG Scales. Ensure you select the correct documentation for your unit's software version. Check back regularly for software and other updates.

To download files, please click on a filename below. A save dialogue box should appear allowing you to specify your save location.
If a save dialogue box does not appear, right click on the link and select save target as.


 Data Sheet Data Sheet - 18 Feb 20015 - 637KB (PDF) file - XG Scales Data Sheet