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Large Indicators & DisplaysD820 / D840 Super Bright LED Alpha Numeric
D820 / D840 Super Bright LED Alpha Numeric
D820 / D840 Super Bright LED Alpha Numeric

D820 / D840 Super Bright LED Alpha Numeric Display

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Key Highlights & Features
Product Description
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Suitable for external use
  • Isolated RS232/485 Serial Input or Ethernet
  • Auto detecting setup
  • Compatibility with a wide range of indicator manufacturers
  • Unit switching support*
  • AC or 24VDC Power Options

The D820 and D840 are super bright LED displays that feature alpha-numeric characters allowing for improved clarity in messaging. This is ideal for concrete batching plants or custom site management applications where non-weight related messages like material names need to be displayed. The D840 supports majority of printable ASCII characters. These displays are part of Rinstrum's range of large remotes that are built for industrial applications for both indoors and out. 


  • D840 - >30m (100 feet) at 120 degrees viewing angle
  • D820 - >15m (50 feet) at 120 degrees viewing angle

Unit Switching*:

  • D840 allows for kg, lb, t and g units to show on display
  • D820 has a kg or lb unit status indication

Traffic Lights*: The D840 traffic lights (50mm/2 inch round red and green) can be driven from discrete inputs or directly via the communications protocol. The universal inputs will accept clean contact switches or voltages 5-24V to control the traffic lights. The D820 allows for Stop/Go/----- messaging via the serial protocol.

Decimal Point:
The decimal point will be displayed between digits as a single LED in the D820 and two LEDS in the D840. The decimal point does not affect number of digits displayed.

Scrolling Messaging (D840 only):
The D840 can be fitted with K802 firmware for moving messages to interface with a PC or equivalent device. With a fixed format text string length of up to 150 characters it is ideal for providing instructional messages to truck drivers or equipment operators. (K802 firmware option is factory fit only).

* Where unit switching, traffic lights and annunciators are supported in the protocol.

Smart Weighing
D820 / D840 Super Bright LED Alpha Numeric Display

 Alpha Numeric Characters for improved readability


  • D840 14 x 64 LED matrix at 14 x 8 LED's per character allowing for the majority of printable ASCII characters to be displayed
  • D820 7 x 35 LED matrix at 7 x 5 LED's per character


...now that's smart weighing

Product Downloads
The following files are available for download for the D820 / D840 Super Bright LED Alpha Numeric. Ensure you select the correct documentation for your unit's software version. Check back regularly for software and other updates.

To download files, please click on a filename below. A save dialogue box should appear allowing you to specify your save location.
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 CDM v2.12.06 WHQL Certified CDM v2.12.06 WHQL Certified - 03 Aug15 - 1991KB (ZIP) file - CDM v2.12.06 WHQL Certified  
 Data Sheet Data Sheet - 24 May 17 - 707KB (PDF) file - D800-700 
 Data Sheet Data Sheet - 09 Dec 14 - 374KB (PDF) file - D800-730 
 Datenblatt Datenblatt - 16 Jul 14 - 92KB (PDF) file - D820 / D840 
 Manual - D841 Installation Manual - D841 Installation - 16 Mar 15 - 1764KB (PDF) file - D800-600 
 Manual - Protocol Manual - Protocol - 16 Mar 15 - 225KB (PDF) file - D800-601