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R400 Series IndicatorsK402 Multi Product Software

R420-K402 and R423-K402

Key Highlights & Features
Product Description
  • III/III L NTEP 08-720
  • Trade approved 10,000d@0.7uV/d
  • 16 x 350 ohm cells
  • Programmable printing/custom unit switching
  • 250 Product ID storage
  • Analog module with isolated outputs (option)
  • Up to 32 I/O

The K402 adds multiple-product configuration to the K401, making it ideal for applications where there are a variety of products that have fixed attributes that need to be recalled.

Powerful product configuration allows for parameters to be stored for each product. For each product the following can be stored:

  • set point target
  • piece weight
  • units conversions
  • full accumulation data

Products can be recalled easily by the operator by using the product name - either select from the most recently used 10 products or use an alphanumeric product search via the keypad. Product selection via an external thumb-wheel is also


Counting is made easy with either the piece weight is entered or determined through a sample. This piece weight can then be stored against the product id.

Multi-segment display assists the operator for piece weight counting by displaying the number of pieces on the primary line and the piece weight on the secondary line.

Smart Weighing

Powerful Product Configuration

  • Database of up to 250 complete sets of product parameters
  • Combine with logic set points for pass band where the weight is between two targets
  • Combine with custom printing functionality to print product subtotals and product names
  • Select products using the keyboard or use external inputs from switch contacts (eg. thumb wheel)

 ..now that's smart weighing.

Product Downloads
The following files are available for download for the K402 Multi Product Software. Ensure you select the correct documentation for your unit's software version. Check back regularly for software and other updates.

To download files, please click on a filename below. A save dialogue box should appear allowing you to specify your save location.
If a save dialogue box does not appear, right click on the link and select save target as.


 Application Note - Custom Printing Application Note - Custom Printing - 08 Sep 11 - 299KB (PDF) file 
 Brochure Brochure - 6/18/2008 - 717KB (PDF) file 
 Data Sheet Data Sheet - 28 Nov 13 - 744KB (PDF) file 
 Manual - Operator Manual - Operator - 07 Aug 09 - 2071KB (PDF) file 
 Manual - Quick Start Manual - Quick Start - 19 Oct 09 - 863KB (PDF) file 
 NTEP Certificate of Conformance 08-072A1 NTEP Certificate of Conformance 08-072A1 - 21 Aug 09 - 220KB (PDF) file 
 Product Update - Set Point and Barcode Product Update - Set Point and Barcode - 08 Sept 11 - 76KB (PDF) file 
 Product Update: R400 Set Point and Barcode (K401/K402/K491) Product Update: R400 Set Point and Barcode (K401/K402/K491) - 15 Sep 11 - 46KB (PDF) file 
 Software - Firmware V2.64 Software - Firmware V2.64 - 01 Dec 15 - 532KB (ZIP) file - For V2 Hardware 
 Software - Firmware V2.65 Software - Firmware V2.65 - 02 Mar 17 - 536KB (ZIP) file - For V2 Hardware