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1203  Weight Transmitters

1203 Weight Transmitters

Release date: 21 Jul 16

Did you know that the 1203 allows you to do direct calibration using mV/V entry?

  •   Zero and Span calibration is completely independent.
  •   Built-in mV/V display mode allows for high accuracy direct mV/V calibrations.
  •  Calibration is possible with partially filled vessels without the need to empty the vessel or use test weights.

Contact one of our sales engineers to discuss or download the 1203 Application Note for more details.

>> Moew Details

Rinstrum's 1203 weight transmitter is an economical, robust instrument that provides fast and accurate weight readings. And all of this rolled into the standard unit:


- 2 isolated outputs
- drive capability 300mA at up to 30VDC
- isolated input
- configurable 16-bit isolated analogue output
- serial outputs.

>> Product page

Download document

K481 Summing Console

K481 Summing Console

Release date: 18 Jul 16

Another finely crafted cabinet from the US office. This summing unit uses 4 - R320 indicators for summing and subtotaling the weights from 4 different scales. This cabinet has 4 sets of terminals for wiring in each scale. There is a mode key which allows the R420 to toggle which mode to display. It can either display all scales added into one or subtotals of any combination of the 4. Please visit product page for more info. http://rinstrum.com/us/product.php?id=44

K481 Summing Product Details >>

SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirement

SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirement

Release date: 08 Jun 16

The updated SOLAS convention requires the shipper to provide a container verified gross weight, using verified equipment according to the state, in the shipping documentation to the terminal operator, effective 1 July 2016.


Rinstrum has been working with companies on a range of solutions to satisfy the SOLAS convention to provide verified container weights. Some countries/states have interpreted verified as trade others have not, this will affect the selected solution. Rinstrum can assist in solutions that range from weighing the truck to weighing the container:


Truck Weighing Solutions:
- Dynamic axle weighing  axleWEIGHr www.axleweighr.com
- Weigh bridge using R400 Series Indicator and Weigh In Weigh Out Application (K404) http://www.rinstrum.com/product.php?id=63
- Weigh bridge using R400 Series Indicator and Group Static Axle Application (K405) http://www.rinstrum.com/product.php?id=92

Container Weighing Solutions:
- Fork lift on board weighing using an R320 Indicator and Pressure Transducer
- Four load cells installed under the container and summed
- Skeleton frame/ weigh bar (bridge no deck)

Rinstrum existing onboard truck weighing application would also allow for container weighing (R400 Series Indicator using K491 firmware)
Contact your local Rinstrum office to discuss the best solution with our Sales Engineers.
Summary of the requirements produced by the World Shipping Council (WSC)

Extracts from the WSC SOLAS Summary:

- The responsibility for obtaining and documenting the verified gross weight of a packed container lies with the shipper. The shipper is responsible for providing an accurate verified gross mass for each packed container.

- Shipping Document: This document can be part of the shipping instructions to the shipping company or a separate communication (e.g., a declaration including a weight certificate produced by a weigh station using calibrated and certified equipment on the route between the shipper's origin and the port terminal). In either case, the document should clearly highlight that the gross mass provided is the "verified gross mass".
- Where container weight verification is performed outside a container terminal, carriers shall transmit shippers container weight verifications to the terminal operator, per agreed formats and standards,
- SOLAS amendments become effective on 1 July 2016 for packed containers received for transportation (gate-in or off-rail).


Calibrated and certified equipment: means a scale, weighbridge, lifting equipment or any other device, capable of determining the actual gross mass of a packed container or of packages and cargo items, pallets, dunnage and other packing and securing material, that meets the accuracy standards and requirements of the State in which the equipment is being used.
Shipper: means a legal entity or person named on the bill of lading

More details >>> www.axleweighr.com

Bagging Scale with Robotic Arm using a Rinstrum R423 Lua Programmable Indicator

Bagging Scale with Robotic Arm using a Rinstrum R423 Lua Programmable Indicator

Release date: 18 May 16

The scale operates on a simple state machine: Idle = Zero band & stable, Active State = NotZero & stable. When in active state we capture the weight of the bag check it to a High/Low tolerance and then send an output to the Red or Green lights and a momentary out to the robotic arm if the bag is out of tolerance. If the bag is out of tolerance it gets placed into a rejection pile rather than the pallet. If the value is acceptable we just trigger the green light and the robot arm does not need any input from the controller. The target, high and low values are all entered using custom Lua menus. Something unique : They are capturing the Time, Date & Weights via Ethernet to a TCP port thus allowing for immediate data capture rather than the traditional USB thumb method.


local function enterCapture()
dwi.turnOff(ARM_IO, HI_OUT) --reset IO for run
local capWeight = dwi.getGross()
dbg.info('capWeight = ', capWeight)
dwi.write('bottomRight', 'CAPTURED')
local uom = dwi.getDispModeUnits('primary')
local countby, dp, unknown = dwi.getDispModeCountBy('primary')
capWeight = dwi.formatValue('primary', capWeight, dp, countby, false)
dwi.write('bottomLeft', capWeight,'align=right')
dwi.writeUnits('bottomLeft', uom)




 >>>  more about lua

R400 Lua Programmable Indicators Product Details >>

Download document


Conveyor Application - Lua Programmable Rinstrum R423 Indicator

Release date: 16 May 16

Conveyor roller scale application that allows for averaging and weight capture along with high/low/go recordings on an R423 Stainless Steel Indicator panel mounted on a custom a console running custom Lua script.

*Sensors must both be high at idle.
*Sensor 1 breaks upon package entry then re-establish.
*Sensor 2 breaks and averages stop and mean value captured.
*Menu Item under the select key to set the target weight - high and low tolerance.
*Menu Item under F3 to check on the high, low, good packages that have weighed across the scale.
*There are 3 lights - high, low and good (green) that trigger for a moment after each weighment.

If any packages are outside the high or low tolerance the powered belt conveyor will shut down. The re-start button will need to be pressed to re-start the belt motor.

Call your local Rinstrum office for further details

>>>video on youtube

>>>More about Lua






Release date: 28 Apr 16

Merrick Heley in our Design team in Australia has setup a pretty flash scoring arrangement for our lunch time table tennis - fondly named rinSCORE in keeping with Rinstrum tradition.

rinSCORE is a table tennis scoreboard that acts as sample code for a number of key Lua library features incorpating:
=> RFID tags for the players (third party USB RFID reader)
=> displaying the score on a remote display
=> push button scoring at the table (buttons wired to button module on R400)
=> automatic posting of the score on the web based Elo ranking server

All on an R420 indicator running Lua!

This sample code can be used in weighing applications, for example to save and process live weight data on an external server, rather than backing it up on a USB and synchronising it after a certain time period.


Download document

Updated X320 and R300 Firmware

Updated X320 and R300 Firmware

Release date: 07 Apr 16

- Rename GRADS menu item to DUAL, change default value to 60000 and setting changes.
- Use the 1 and 2 annunciators for the set points when in single range mode
- Fixed the GRADS/DUAL setting having units and decimal point in the viewer/ via comms
- Update weight after waiting for no motion when printing / adding to totals
- Add fixed over/under set points to K354

Available on the product downloads  R320X320

Any questions please call your local Rinstrum office.

Lua Application: R420 configured as a Remote with remote print and zero

Lua Application: R420 configured as a Remote with remote print and zero

Release date: 23 Mar 16

The application was used to configure a remote indicator about 1 mile away from the main truck scale (replacing a legacy GSE system).

- An R423 indicator was panel mounted in the cabinet at the scale.

- An R420 was configured as a remote indicator to display the weight from the main scale and allow remote zero and remote printing.

- third party wireless serial communications was used between the indicators

- Custom records in Lua were created in the R420 to simulate the printing that was happening outside.

The Lua software dev tools made it easy to ensure backward compatibility.


More Details : R400 Lua Programmable Indicators

Download document

New training video  reflash an R400 Series indicator

New training video reflash an R400 Series indicator

Release date: 14 Mar 16

Learn how to reflash the firmware on a R400 Series indicator (R420 or R423). Download the firmware, connect the indicator up to your computer using a rinLINK and run the exe file to load in new firmware.

Note: When changing to a different application (e.g. K401 to K402)
o the indicator will restart automatically and prompt for the license code (Rinstrum provided dependent on serial number) for the new firmware.
o Enter the license code and press OK
 Use of viewer and Rinlink cable 400 series (SALES-C02)

Reflash R400 Series (SALES-C03)



R300 and X320 Updates

R300 and X320 Updates

Release date: 28 Jan 16

As part of our continual improvement to our products we have updated the hardware on our R300 series and X320 indicators with additional memory. This upgrade allows for all four firmware variants to be preloaded into R300 series indicators - meaning no reflashing to change between firmware. Additionally the extra memory has allowed us to reintroduce a number of features that were previously available, including:

  •   10 point linearisation and direct mV/V calibration across all firmware variants
  •   Dual Range and Gravity Compensation*
  •   Livestock Weighing*

Additional there are the following enhancements:
- Updated programmable printing with R420 style format tokens
- Simple network protocol support
- Updated operator interface for number editing and menu operation
The V4 hardware is identifiable firstly by the new appearance  orange function key and all other keys are grey - along with a V4 marking on the back of the electronics. On power up the indicator will display the new firmware variant.
For further information refer to the Release Note R300-750 and the manual R300-682.

Download document

Rinstrum LEDiT! and Mr Marek Swierzy appointed Geschftsfhrer of Rinstrum Europe GmbH

Rinstrum LEDiT! and Mr Marek Swierzy appointed Geschftsfhrer of Rinstrum Europe GmbH

Release date: 14 Jan 16

Rinstrum is delighted to announced that Mr. Marek Swierzy has been appointed the Geschftsfhrer of Rinstrum Europe GmbH from January 2016 after working in business development for the past six months. We are also very excited to announce as part of broadening our remote display reach Rinstrum has purchased the German remote display designer and manufacturer LEDiT!.

Rinstrum will take over the production of the LEDiT! remotes in our German office with Mr Patrick Berle continuing in the operations role. Mr. Mariusz Raczkowski will remain responsible for sales and technical support for the remote display range. The super bright LED remote displays from LEDiT are already part of the Rinstrum range, replacing our D700 range for the past 18 months. We look forward to integrating the design and production of the LEDiT! remote displays into our ISO accredited production processes and continuing with the product evolution to support our smart weighing solutions.

Existing LEDiT! customers will be shipped product from Rinstrum Germany, any questions please email sales@rinstrum.de or contact Marek or Mariusz directly.



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