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Updated Data Sheets for R400 Series

Updated Data Sheets for R400 Series

Release date: 21 Apr 17

 Note to all Dealers and Distributors, the data sheets for the R400 Series have been updated. They are available in the Download section of the various product pages or in the All Download section. The full series of data sheets for the all of the firmware is available as a single document for convenience.

Please contact our sales teams directly if you require further support or have any questions.

Data Sheet

Product Page


Visit us at InterWEIGHING 2017

Visit us at InterWEIGHING 2017

Release date: 09 Mar 17

The Rinstrum team will be delighted to welcome you at our Booth N 1648-1649 in Hall E1 during
INTERWEIGHING from 6th to 8th April


Darren Pearson Managing Director Rinstrum
David McKinley Rinstrum Australia
John Lawn Rinstrum USA
Marek Swierzy Rinstrum Europe


InterWEIGHING is the largest
weighing industry trade show in the world.

Updated Firmware - R400 Series K401 v2.65 and K402 v2.65

Updated Firmware - R400 Series K401 v2.65 and K402 v2.65

Release date: 02 Mar 17

The K401 and K402 R400 Series firmware has been updated with minor bug fixes relating to use with Lua module and the analogue module calibration. Firmware is available for download on the product pages or in the download section. Any questions please email us or contact one of our sales engineers directly.

K401 Product Page

K402 Product Page

SOLAS- Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Update 2017

SOLAS- Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Update 2017

Release date: 11 Jan 17

What is this "SOLAS" regulation?
Declaring your containerís gross mass has always been a requirement under the shipping regulations. However, with more frequent accidents occurring and delays due to miss-declared weight, it has become a priority to ensure these weights are verified before loading the containers onto a vessel.
SOLAS regulation states the approval of two methods in verifying the gross mass of packed containers and both these methods must be done with calibrated and certified equipment.
Method 1: Weighing the container after it has been packed
Method 2: Weighing all the cargo and contents of the container and adding those weights to the containerís tare weight.
No estimated weight is permitted and the weighing equipment must meet national certification and calibration standards.


Read full article download pdf

conwEIGHr product page


Download document

Welcome Bjorn Viljoen to our Rinstrum team

Welcome Bjorn Viljoen to our Rinstrum team

Release date: 09 Jan 17

We would like to welcome Bjorn Viljoen to our Rinstrum team in 2017 as our heavy capacity weighing specialist. His initial focus will be on helping customers develop the best solution for container weighing for shipping.

Looking after the conWEIGHr and axleWEIGHr products is fitting for his passion in innovation and quality engineered products. Bjorn has a wealth of knowledge in the industrial, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain environment with more than 19 years of successful experience implementing valued solutions for customers.

Bjorn is based in our Brisbane office. He moved to Australia from South Africa. He studied a Bachelors in Commerce.

conWEIGHr mobile container weighing



axleWEIGHr  US Patent 9470574

axleWEIGHr US Patent 9470574

Release date: 16 Nov 16

The axleWEIGHr in motion axle scale patent is finalised and approved as US Patent 9470574. The axleWEIGHr scale allows for trucks to be weighed axle by axle while in motion 3MPH (5km/hr).
Left to Right in photo:
John Lawn (US General Manager)
Darren Pearson (Rinstrum Managing Director)
David McKinley (Australian Hub Manager)

More Details Visit


Rinstrum Conweigh Announce Global Alliance in Mobile Container Weighing  conWEIGHr

Rinstrum Conweigh Announce Global Alliance in Mobile Container Weighing conWEIGHr

Release date: 04 Nov 16

Conweigh and Rinstrum are delighted to formally announce a new partnership. The licensing agreement will see Rinstrum manufacture and sell the Conweigh mobile container weighing pedestals, branded conWEIGHr. The pedestal has been developed to allow customers to comply instantly with the new SOLAS shipping requirements at the point of packing. SOLAS requires the shipper to provide a VGM certificate for their containers. Weighing is performed using the conWEIGHr Pedestal set and Conweigh phone app. The VGM certificate is generated and submitted instantly and also accessible via the user's secure Conweigh VGM Cloud account.

Currently containers are generally weighed over a weigh bridge. This timing means the VGM certificate has to be prepared in the time between when the truck goes over the bridge and when it arrives at port and it offers no opportunity for repacking and no indication of load distribution. Whereas the conWEIGHr allows for the container to be weighed at point of packing (and modified for load distribution or over/under capacity) and ensure you have a safely loaded container with a certified VGM certificate prior to any form of transport also helping comply with road legislation. All of which can occur well before the truck arrives to take the container to port.rn

Conweigh offer an on demand service through a licensee network. The on demand service is ideal for customers who ship from various locations or small volumes of containers. A weighing is booked and a licensee comes to site to perform the container weighing and issue of the VGM Certificate. Customers shipping more containers per week should consider investing in a conWEIGHr set of pedestals to perform their own container weighing.

 The conWEIGHr pedestals offer a fully mobile trade approved solution that caters for uneven ground and accommodates for angled or out of level containers on most types of ground. Low power Bluetooth is used from the pedestals back to the Conweigh application on the mobile phone. A separate lifting system is available where there is no heavy load lifting equipment onsite already or if preferred. conWEIGHr is ideal for side loader applications, straddle lifters and reach stackers.

 Globally 140 million containers are shipped annually that all need to be weighed with a VGM certificate before they ship! The conWEIGHr pedestals and the online VGM certificate are ideal for mid-range operations.

  Product page

Conweigh  Weigh to Go  On Demand Service |Ph +61 7 3073 3901 | www.conweigh.net

Call or email Rinstrum for enquires about the purchase of a pedestal sets. Click through to conWEIGHr product page and brochure
Rinstrum - conWEIGHr - Pedestal set purchase | | www.rinstrum.com
Australia Rinstrum Pty Ltd : Ph +61 7 3216 7166 | sales@rinstrum.com
Europe Rinstrum GmbH : Ph 49(0)6162 91 65 6-0 |
USA Rinstrum Inc: Toll Free 1 877 829 9152 | Ph: +1 248 680 0320 |

Sri Lanka - Rinstrum Pvt Site Acquisition

Sri Lanka - Rinstrum Pvt Site Acquisition

Release date: 06 Sep 16

Last week Rinstrum completed another major milestone with the acquisition of the property that our manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka has been operating in for the past 3 years. It is located on the south west coast of Sri Lanka only 15 minutes from the International Airport and Air Freight Terminal. The site has full back-up power, a 21,000 sq ft building and a bungalow. It accommodates our primary manufacturing operation and our Sri Lankan engineering team. Currently we have 32 staff working in Rinstrum Pvt. Recently we have expanded our in house capability to include a small run surface mount assembly line. Rinstrum Pvt manufactures componentry that is used in the build to order manufacturing in our Australian, German and US offices.

1203  Weight Transmitters

1203 Weight Transmitters

Release date: 21 Jul 16

Did you know that the 1203 allows you to do direct calibration using mV/V entry?

  •   Zero and Span calibration is completely independent.
  •   Built-in mV/V display mode allows for high accuracy direct mV/V calibrations.
  •  Calibration is possible with partially filled vessels without the need to empty the vessel or use test weights.

Contact one of our sales engineers to discuss or download the 1203 Application Note for more details.

>> Moew Details

Rinstrum's 1203 weight transmitter is an economical, robust instrument that provides fast and accurate weight readings. And all of this rolled into the standard unit:


- 2 isolated outputs
- drive capability 300mA at up to 30VDC
- isolated input
- configurable 16-bit isolated analogue output
- serial outputs.

>> Product page

Download document

K481 Summing Console

K481 Summing Console

Release date: 18 Jul 16

Another finely crafted cabinet from the US office. This summing unit uses 4 - R320 indicators for summing and subtotaling the weights from 4 different scales. This cabinet has 4 sets of terminals for wiring in each scale. There is a mode key which allows the R420 to toggle which mode to display. It can either display all scales added into one or subtotals of any combination of the 4. Please visit product page for more info. http://rinstrum.com/us/product.php?id=44

K481 Summing Product Details >>

SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirement

SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirement

Release date: 08 Jun 16

The updated SOLAS convention requires the shipper to provide a container verified gross weight, using verified equipment according to the state, in the shipping documentation to the terminal operator, effective 1 July 2016.


Rinstrum has been working with companies on a range of solutions to satisfy the SOLAS convention to provide verified container weights. Some countries/states have interpreted verified as trade others have not, this will affect the selected solution. Rinstrum can assist in solutions that range from weighing the truck to weighing the container:


Truck Weighing Solutions:
- Dynamic axle weighing  axleWEIGHr www.axleweighr.com
- Weigh bridge using R400 Series Indicator and Weigh In Weigh Out Application (K404) http://www.rinstrum.com/product.php?id=63
- Weigh bridge using R400 Series Indicator and Group Static Axle Application (K405) http://www.rinstrum.com/product.php?id=92

Container Weighing Solutions:
- Fork lift on board weighing using an R320 Indicator and Pressure Transducer
- Four load cells installed under the container and summed
- Skeleton frame/ weigh bar (bridge no deck)

Rinstrum existing onboard truck weighing application would also allow for container weighing (R400 Series Indicator using K491 firmware)
Contact your local Rinstrum office to discuss the best solution with our Sales Engineers.
Summary of the requirements produced by the World Shipping Council (WSC)

Extracts from the WSC SOLAS Summary:

- The responsibility for obtaining and documenting the verified gross weight of a packed container lies with the shipper. The shipper is responsible for providing an accurate verified gross mass for each packed container.

- Shipping Document: This document can be part of the shipping instructions to the shipping company or a separate communication (e.g., a declaration including a weight certificate produced by a weigh station using calibrated and certified equipment on the route between the shipper's origin and the port terminal). In either case, the document should clearly highlight that the gross mass provided is the "verified gross mass".
- Where container weight verification is performed outside a container terminal, carriers shall transmit shippers container weight verifications to the terminal operator, per agreed formats and standards,
- SOLAS amendments become effective on 1 July 2016 for packed containers received for transportation (gate-in or off-rail).


Calibrated and certified equipment: means a scale, weighbridge, lifting equipment or any other device, capable of determining the actual gross mass of a packed container or of packages and cargo items, pallets, dunnage and other packing and securing material, that meets the accuracy standards and requirements of the State in which the equipment is being used.
Shipper: means a legal entity or person named on the bill of lading

More details >>> www.axleweighr.com



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