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PressureOn Board Load Cells
On Board Load Cells
On Board Load Cells

On Board Load Cells

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Key Highlights & Features
Product Description

    Zemic Onboard load cells 

    H10J 15t-30-31 Load Cell
    Alloy steel
    Alloy steel

    Rinstrum Onboard Indicator (R400 Series K491)

    Rinstrum R400 Series indicator with K491 firmware  incorporates tilt compensation that adjust the weight reading according to the angle using an input from a tile sensor.

    • Tilt Module (M4211) on the R420-K491 indicator
    • Rinstrum tilt sensor suitable for +/- 10 degree or +/-15 degrees (The tilt sensor must be correctly mounted given the axes that are providing data.)
    Smart Weighing
    On Board Load Cells

    Simple three stage calibration

    1. Zero Calibration (at 0 angle)

    • Performed on level surface
    • Tilt sensor is automatically set to 0
    • Calibrates out any inaccuracies

    2. Span Calibration (at 0 angle)
    3. Tilt Calibration - this generates four tilt parameters that are used to correct the reading.

    ..now that's smart weighing.

    Product Downloads
    The following files are available for download for the On Board Load Cells. Ensure you select the correct documentation for your unit's software version. Check back regularly for software and other updates.

    To download files, please click on a filename below. A save dialogue box should appear allowing you to specify your save location.
    If a save dialogue box does not appear, right click on the link and select save target as.


     H10J Data Sheet H10J Data Sheet - 22 May 2014 - 410KB (PDF) file 
     H10J_16 Data Sheet H10J_16 Data Sheet - 22 May 2014 - 237KB (PDF) file