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Complete Weighing AssembliesThames Side T20
Thames Side T20
Thames Side T20

T20 - Low Profile Assembly for Vessel Weighing

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Key Highlights & Features
Product Description
  • Stainless steel compression load sensor
  • Fully welded and hemetically sealed to IP68 + IP69K
  • Allows vessel expansion and contraction
  • Integral jacking facility and lift off prevention
  • 1000d accuracy
  • Low profile, extremely compact loading assembly
  • Allowance for angular mis-alignment


Capacities: 2.5t - 30t

The T20 stainless steel compression load cell is specifically designed as a reliable, simple, low cost solution for weighing of tanks, silos and vessels where level measurement is the main criteria. The load cell is mounted in either a zinc plated or stainless steel low profile, extremely compact mounting assembly which has integral jacking to allow load cell installation and removal, lift-off prevention and allowance for angular mis-alignment. The design is suitable for use either as a totally live system with load cells under all legs/support points of the vessel or where cost is paramount, in a dummy system with either one live and two dummy cells or two live and two dummy cells.



Please note: not available in EU non German speaking countries

Smart Weighing
T20 - Low Profile Assembly for Vessel Weighing

T20 with a 1203 for economical tank weighing

 Thames Side T20 low profile load cell and assembly:

  • low profile stainless steel load cell
  • stainless or zinc plated assemble

1203 Weight Transmitter:

  • economial and robust housing
  • connect back to a PLC or PC using 4-20mA Analogue, RS232 or RS485, all of which come standard.


now that's smart weighing

Product Downloads
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 Datasheet Datasheet - 07 Jan 15 - 280KB (PDF) file - T20 Datasheet