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X SeriesX320

Designed and built to last in harsh environments

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Key Highlights & Features
Product Description
  • IP68 and IP69K rated
  • 3 band check weighing
  • AC, DC and rechargeable NiMH battery options
  • AC, DC and rechargeable NiMH battery options
  • Trade Approved 4,000d @ 0.8µV/d
  • Built-in RS232 communications port
  • Tough enclosure - impact resistant composite alloy housing

The X320 combines innovation in industrial design and engineering excellence to create an instrument that is ideal for use in food processing, automotive, chemical or pharmaceutical applications or applications that require reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions. The X320 indicator builds on Rinstrum’s already successful R320 indicator.

Constructed of a high tech plastic alloy that is:

  • Food grade
  • Chemical resistant
  • Temperature resistant
  • Impact resistant
Double ‘o’ ring seal which provides superior performance over traditional stainless steel enclosures.
IP69K rating: the industry’s highest environmental protection rating - designed to withstand cleaning with high pressure water jets (1400psi) at high temperatures (up to 80°C) from multiple angles.

Built-in check weigh function – with 3 coloured high intensity LEDs

Isolated outputs - Over, Under, Pass. High side driver up to 400mA, allowing direct connection to PLCs and external actuators to be driven directly

Customiseable - Programmable function key and configurable printing

Available firmware

X320 units now come with multiple version of firmware onboard, (no firmware reflash required as previously was).Firmware type can be changed through full setup.
Note: A passcode is need for each type of firmware linked to the unit’s serial number

 K376  K378
  display test,counting,
  Unit switching,
  manual hold, peak hold, totalising, high 
  resolution, auto tare, Check weighing
 Fixed to Check weighing





Smart Weighing
Designed and built to last in harsh environments

What makes this housing exceptional?

The design - sealed and tough

  • Double O ring to seal the outer housing
  • Single piece front panel to protect the display and avoid leaks
  • Capacitive keys with no moving parts
  • No glued membrane to fail
  • No traditional keypad to damage
  • No external parts using adhesive
  • Sturdy design with enhanced wall strength
The material - high tech composite alloy


Product Downloads
The following files are available for download for the X320. Ensure you select the correct documentation for your unit's software version. Check back regularly for software and other updates.

To download files, please click on a filename below. A save dialogue box should appear allowing you to specify your save location.
If a save dialogue box does not appear, right click on the link and select save target as.


 Brochure Brochure - 03 Oct 08 - 871KB (PDF) file 
 Application Note - Check Weighing Application Note - Check Weighing - 18 Jun 08 - 83KB (PDF) file 
 Test Certificate IP68 Test Certificate IP68 - 16 Aug 07 - 3235KB (PDF) file 
 Test Certificate IP69K Test Certificate IP69K - 16 Aug 07 - 3329KB (PDF) file 
 Operator Manual Operator Manual - 28 Oct 09 - 990KB (PDF) file 
 Reference Manual K304/K306 (v3) Reference Manual K304/K306 (v3) - 23 Aug 12 - 8209KB (PDF) file - X300-606 
 Testing Video Testing Video - 14 Aug 07 - 4716KB (WMV) file 
 Test Certificate - Europe Test Certificate - Europe - 14 May 15  - 596KB (PDF) file 
 Type Approval - Europe Type Approval - Europe - 20 Oct 08 - 120KB (PDF) file 
 NiMH Battery Charger Manual NiMH Battery Charger Manual - 20 Apr 10 - 371KB (PDF) file 
 Quick Start Manual Quick Start Manual - 26 Apr 12 - 2128KB (PDF) file 
 Reference Manual K376  (v3) Reference Manual K376 (v3) - 13 Jul 16 - 2317KB (PDF) file - X300-621-100 
 Reference Manual(V4) Reference Manual(V4) - 12 Jul 16 - 2348KB (PDF) file - X300-652-112 
 Release Note Release Note - 28 Jan 16 - 648KB (PDF) file - R300-750 
 Data sheet (v4) Data sheet (v4) - 17 Apr 16 - 767KB (PDF) file - X300-700 
 Recommended shielding connections Recommended shielding connections - 29 May 13 - 227KB (PDF) file 
 Firmware K376 Firmware K376 - 21 Dec 13 - 448KB (ZIP) file