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Truck Weighing  
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R400 Indicator

Both the R420-K401 and K402 are suitable for weigh bridges.

The following R400 series features make it ideal for the application:

  • Isolated communications ports
  • Supports up to 16 x 350 ohm, easily handling a typical 8 load cell bridge.
  • Built in communications for connection to printer and remote display.
  • DSD or Alibi module available for traceability.
  • Power supply can be swapped without recalibration
  • The K402 supports up to 200 products, allowing for truck IDs to be stored along with their tare weight.

5000 Indicator

The 5000 series indicators have been used extensively on weigh bridges.

The 5230 specifically handles:

  • Single Weighing with weigh In-Out
  • Batch Process Single Weighing (In-Out) – where fill is performed directly on the weighbridge. The product fill from a silo, for example, can be controlled via the optional outputs.
  • Multiple and Variable Axle Weighing (In-Out) - allows up to 10 axles of a vehicle to be weighed and the weights stored as the transaction.
  • 200 memory allocations - to store truck, product and destination identification

Material usage reporting - against truck ID and destination ID

6700 Summing Indicator

The 6700 can be used as summing indicator (or master/slave controller) on multi deck weigh bridges.

The 6700 acts as the summing master controller for slave 5xxx units connected on a multi-drop serial RS485 bus. The resulting total weight is displayed on the 6700.

Large Remote Display

Both of these large remote have 120mm high digits making them highly visible to the truck driver and are suitable for outdoor use.

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