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Product Launch - Truck Weighing PC Software Dongle S1000

Product Launch - Truck Weighing PC Software Dongle S1000

Release date: 15 Jul 10

The new S1000 is an extremely user friendly PC software for truck weighbridge management. Handles input from up to 3 weight indicators with multiple truck IDs, multiple customer IDs and multiple products. Supports transaction completion for multiweigh bridge sites


  • Setup and Printing in all locations including a PC – very user friendly
  • Easy entry of tare weight &Truck IDs via PC
  • Preset Tare and accumulation data stored on each Truck ID
  • Easy export of weight data as csv file
  • Compatible with out indicators R320 und R420-K401; as well as with indicators of other manufacturers

Interested? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us - we would be pleased to send you a test version.

Product Launch - Bluetooth Accessories

Product Launch - Bluetooth Accessories

Release date: 04 May 10

The Rinstrum M020 range of Bluetooth accessories allow for short range RS232 to Bluetooth wireless connection. This can be between a Rinstrum indicator and remote display or an indicator working back to a PDA or PC. The devices are self discovering and no setup is required at the host device.

Application Scenarios:

  • Cable replacement – where a Bluetooth connection is used between an indicator and remote display or console.
  • Multi-roaming - where one master device may connect to different devices depending on which is in range.
  • Third party host – where the weight is to be sent to a device such as a PC or PDA.

Download document

Windows 7 Users

Windows 7 Users

Release date: 27 Apr 10

Rinstrum PC software has been updated for Windows 7 users:

  • View300 – Viewer for R300 Series and X320
  • View400 – Viewer for R400 Series
  • Optolink USB Driver

View300 Product Details

Product Launch - R423 Stainless Steel Housing

Product Launch - R423 Stainless Steel Housing

Release date: 18 Mar 10

The R423 previously available in a panel mount version is now available in a standalone stainless enclosure. 

  • Rated to IP66 it is dust and water resistant.
  • All Stainless Steel (304/1.4301)
  • Easy access to rear of indicator and cabling when back cover removed
  • Compatible with all R400 series modules.
  • High impact polycarbonate lens to protect the LCD from knocks
  • Easily accessed tilt adjustment with positive locking.


Download document

Product Launch - Ethernet Module (M4221) for R400 Series

Product Launch - Ethernet Module (M4221) for R400 Series

Release date: 01 Oct 09

The R400 Series R420 and R423 indicators support Ethernet using the M4221 module. Connect an R400 indicator onto a network using an Ethernet connection for:

  • Remote monitoring of indicator (for service technicians)
  • Direct connection to the indicator from your PC application using standard sockets interface, to retrieve weight readings and configure settings
  • Remote PC serial port – locate your PC away from the indicator and still access the indicator like it was connected directly to the PC on a serial port


Smart Weighing - 1203

Smart Weighing - 1203

Release date: 27 Aug 09

Optimised for vessel weighing with features to enable accurate calibration without the need to empty the vessels or attach test weights - built-in mV/V display mode allows for high accuracy direct mV/V calibrations. Download the Application Note on the 1203 product page.

The 1203 comes standard with:

* 1 scalable analogue output
* 2 isolated outputs
* 1 isolated input
* RS232 and RS485 serial outputs

Download Document 


Dual range for R320 and X320!

Release date: 12 May 09

The 'little ones' of our indicators are now also suitable for dual range applications.

X320 Product Details


First Calibration

Release date: 06 May 09

Rinstrum Europe GmbH has been assessed and approved by the NWML as meeting the requirements of EC Directive 90/384/EEC (Non Automatic Weighing Instruments) and Non automatic Weihing Instruments Regulations (SI 2000 No 3236) for the verifcation of instruments. (Certificate no. 0126) 

This also implies that interested customer can be incoporated. Please contact us.



Download document


Rinstrum 1400 Profibus Module Launch

Release date: 28 Apr 09

For complete integration of Rinstrum devices* onto a Profibus network

The Rinstrum 1400 Profibus-DP module allows for Rinstrum indicators (*5000 Series and R400 Series) and displays to be connected onto a Profibus-DP network. The 1400 translates the data from the indicators into the Profibus format. This allows the Profibus master to effectively extract status and weight data for example from the indicators and send commands to the indicators. The data slots are fully configurable.
  • Input Data – Indicator status, current weight, I/O status etc.
  • Output Command Data – remote key functions, targets, flight etc.

Check out the Application Note describing the connection of two R400 indicators onto a Profibus network in a basic water treatment plant example.
Further Product Information

R400 Series - K410 Filling Indicator Launched

R400 Series - K410 Filling Indicator Launched

Release date: 20 Feb 09

The R400 series has been expanded to include the K410 software for single material filling applications. It is configured for fast set up and is suitable for:

  • Dosing, bag or silo filling
  • Filling applications using negative batching, for example discharge from a silo into a truck.

batching specifications

  • 100 Recipes (Products)
  • 3 set batching stages- Fill, Dump and Finish
  • 1 Material
  • 3 Speed Fill
  • Fill correction using jogging or in-flight
  • Dump to time or weight
  • Negative batching
  • Batch suspend
  • Timer (RTC) based multiple batching


Download document


R423 Update - K411 100 Recipes

Release date: 17 Feb 09

Software: R400-K411 2.20 and higher (applies to V2 Hardware)

The R423 hardware and software has been upgraded to support multiple recipes and a variety of other features.

  • 100 Recipes
Automatic proportion on first fill
  • Automatic proportion calculation after first fill stage
  • Proportions of remaining batch are adjusted automatically according to first material fill quantity
  • Ideal for applications with a manually loaded first fill stage
Two printer support
  • Support for up to two (2) printers
  • Selectable port per printout type
  • Ideal for applications that require a customer docket and a company print record or alibi
Time of day batching
  • Timer based multiple batching
  • The Real Time Clock is used to control the batch timing for time based batching
  • Ideal for bio-fuel applications, delayed batch start or night shift operations




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