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R400 Firmware Update

R400 Firmware Update

Release date: 17 Sep 13

New versions of firmware have been released for K401, K402, K410 and K491, incorporating a range of improvements and bug fixes.

- Improved DSD read back
- Hold status now available for logic setpoints
- Removed default functions for F2 & F3
- Add print token for product ID
Download latest K401 firmware here

All K401 changes plus:
- Improved key locks
- Added option for disabling long press on special functions
- Enable editing of Ethernet settings when using DHCP
Download latest K402 firmware here

All K401 changes plus:
- Added option for disabling long press on special functions
- Improved tilt calibration routine, this requires new tilt module (V1.21)
- Added print tokens for tilt values
Download latest K491 firmware here

- Improved DSD read back
- Enable editing of Ethernet settings when using DHCP
- Fix custom print strings not always restoring correctly from the viewer
Download latest K410 firmware here

The latest version of firmware is available for downloaded on the respective product pages in the Download Section - note that Dealer log on is required.

Rinstrum Product Catalogue

Rinstrum Product Catalogue

Release date: 22 Mar 13

The Rinstrum Product Catalog is now available (note it is a 7M file) and includes the following new products:

XD30 remote display for harsh environments, based on the X320 indicator

R325 stainless steel luggage weighing indicator

R400 firmware:

  • K412 batching variant supporting 20 materials
  • K405 static axle weighing

R300 there are now four (4) firmware variants:

  • K342 for basic weight display
  • K344 includes RS232 serial communications for basic printing or connection to a remote display.
  • K354 includes clock calendar, RS232 serial communications, one (1) input and custom printing.
  • K356 adds two (2) set points to the K354 functionality.

Bluetooth accessories for the R320 and D320
M4104 AC power supply for the R400 series that includes 12VDC auxiliary output for powering R400 modules and other devices.

Download document


R400 Batching - Product Launch K412

Release date: 30 Nov 12

The R400 indicator now supports three (3) batching firmware applications to create a powerful and flexible batching controller. The three variants of firmware differ primarily in the number of materials they each support. The K410 is single material and ideal for filling, the K411 supports 6 materials and the K412 20 materials. The K411 and K412 are both suitable for multi-head batching machines and more complex control systems using multiple materials.

Each supports 100 recipes and 10 stages of batching. The batching stages can be defined as fill, dump or pulse. Three (3) speeds of filling can be configured depending on the complexity of the batching system.

Application Software K410 K411* K412
Number of Materials 1 6 20

*Only K411 supports Analogue Module

2100 Series V3 No Longer Valid for Trade Stamping

2100 Series V3 No Longer Valid for Trade Stamping

Release date: 19 Jul 12

The 2100 Series indicators and remote have been modified with the Version 3 release due to end of life on one of the components. The 2100 V3 is not valid for trade stamping and no longer is covered by NSC (S-403) nor OIML (R76) due to the excitation changing from 8V to 8.5V. This applies to the V3 2100, 2101 and 2150 products.

The 2101 is still valid as it is approved under the S1/0/A regulation in which the Excitation regulator is not used.

Specifically the 2150 Luggage Weighing indicator has been replaced with the R300 series (either R323 stainless steel housing or R320 ABS housing) using specialist luggage weighing firmware. The 2150 is no longer available.

The 2100 and 2101 will continue to be available while production quantities remain viable, along with spares. We recommend that the 2100 and 2101 should not be used for new design, please contact your local Rinstrum office to discuss alternatives.

Product Launch - XD 30 Harsh Environment Remote Display

Product Launch - XD 30 Harsh Environment Remote Display

Release date: 09 Jan 12

The XD30 remote builds on Rinstrum’s already successful X320 indicator to create a remote display that is ideal for use in food processing, automotive, chemical or pharmaceutical applications or applications that require reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions.

  • Bright LED Backlighting
  • 20mm (0.8in) LCD display
  • Tough enclosure - impact resistant composite alloy housing
  • Cross manufacturer compatibility
  • Auto-detecting setup
  • IP69K/IP68

Download document


Updated Comparison Chart

Release date: 22 Dec 11

Check out our updated one page summary of Rinstrum indicators - a convenient easy guide to comparing functionality.

Compare the number of set points, type of communication ports, special functions, IP rating etc.

Download document

Product Update: R400 Set Point and Barcode (K401/K402/K491)

Product Update: R400 Set Point and Barcode (K401/K402/K491)

Release date: 02 Nov 11

Enhanced Set Point Functionality:

* Logic set points allowing for AND, OR, XOR across multiple sources
* Selectable source: I/O, the status of the instrument, another setpoint or a register value
* Set point naming
* Settable delays before a set point becomes active or inactive.

Auto Tare: To reduce user input or for use in automatic processes an Auto Tare special function is now available.

Enhanced Counting Functions: The counting function has been expanded to allow the editing of the weight or count to be switched on/off.

Barcode: Serial communications of barcode is now available which allows for the connection of a barcode scanner to the indicator and product selection via barcode reading.

Expanded Data Strings for custom printing: The expansion of the string data now allows for up to 150 characters to be included on a custom print out (in addition to the header and footer)

You can reflash an R423 or R420 to the latest version, of the same application (K401, K402 and K491), for free by downloading the firmware from the various product pages. Dealer log on is required to access software and reference manuals in the download section.

Download the updated Custom Print String Application Note - for records and dockets in the product download section

...now that's smart weighing

Download document

Product Launch Rinstrum Mobile App

Product Launch Rinstrum Mobile App

Release date: 17 Oct 11

Fully backwards compatible with Rinstrum R32x indicators, the Rinstrum Handy App is an ideal accessory for your on-board weighing application. Via a Bluetooth connection the weight information on the indicator can be easily read from a distance of up to 30m on an ‘App‘ enabled Nokia C3-00 mobile phone.

Read more....


Download document

5000 Series Software Update

5000 Series Software Update

Release date: 08 Sep 11

Software updates are available in the download section for the following products:

5200 - Firmware update for minor bug fix on status set point targets

5230 - Firmware update for minor bug fix on Auto Format E

Dealer log on is required to access software and reference manuals in the download section - if you unsure of your log on details or need your password reset please call or email us.


Product Launch - Save400 PC Tool

Release date: 20 Apr 11

Save400 is a software tool that reads and writes R400 indicator setup and configuration - this allows for a setup to be exported for update and then reimported.  It is ideal for the setup of multi product installations and batching recipes as it allows CSV files to be imported.  Additionally it should be used for software version upgrades to assist in a simpler migration to the new version.


  • Managing products/material/recipe databases using CSV import/export
  • Extract Totals information to track stock usage/production, etc. The command line version could be used to automatically extract production data to a CVS for later processing using the CSV export.
  • Save an indicator setup prior to version upgrade or copy across to another indicator
  • Reset all R400 data to defaults



Software Update - R400 K491 Tilt Compensation

Release date: 16 Mar 11

Updated software has been released - printing and auto outs are stopped when tilt is over the maximum allowed in this latest version - it is available in the Product Download section of the R400 K491 Product Page.  User log on is required to access software.

For Version 1 R400 hardware - R420 K491 v1.51 (R400-516)
For Version 2 R400 hardware - R420-K491 V2.50 (R400-524)

Note Dealer log on is required to access software - if you unsure of your log on details please email us directly or via the Contact Page.



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