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D800 Series Remote Upgrades

D800 Series Remote Upgrades

Release date: 16 Mar 15

Upgraded firmware is now available in the D820 and D840 that includes protocol upgrades. Protocol 4 (Ranger D) has been enhanced for 7 character support offering improved interfacing to computer batching systems, for example Command Alkon.

The upgraded firmware in the D730 includes Protocol 4 and the units are now configurable via the Configuration Software where unit addressing is supported allowing for multi-drop setup and control over brightness and time out parameters.

A revised Protocol Manual (for all three units) is available in the download section.

...now that's smart weighing

OEM X Body Equipment using the R423 on the Acculoader for High Speed Container Loading

OEM X Body Equipment using the R423 on the Acculoader for High Speed Container Loading

Release date: 10 Mar 15

The Acculoader™ is designed for high speed container loading and comes with a built in scale system to manage container weights. It is ideal for scrap steel recycling, timber and bulk commodities. Acculoader™ is manufactured by X-Body Equipment Inc. in Loomis, California, USA and uses a Rinstrum panel mount stainless steel R423 weight indicator. Watch the excellent animation demonstrating how it works.

From the manufacturer:

" Load 20 to 40-foot containers in as little as 10 minutes with the AcculoaderTM, instead of using a skip steer which could take more than an hour. Designed for any size yard, this unique product for HMS 1 and 2 steel loads products with maximum weight capacity and comes with an integrated scale system that allows for accurate container weight."


Truck Weighing K404 Firmware Upgrade

Truck Weighing K404 Firmware Upgrade

Release date: 27 Feb 15

 Minor bug fixes, zero when there is motion and fix for totalising when using autoprint.

Mixing Applications using Thames Side T95 Weighing Assemblies

Mixing Applications using Thames Side T95 Weighing Assemblies

Release date: 09 Feb 15

Rinstrum is now stocking T95 assemblies which are ideal for weighing large vessels and mixers. Due to the design of the T95 it offers an excellent means of mounting where traditional assemblies with large constrainers were typically required. The T95 offers a self-centring arrangement where the load is applied through a tension S type load cell but in a compression assembly. The assembly then finds its own centre point due to gravity but still offers lateral movement found in many mixer applications.

In addition the M12 connections simplify the cabling and installation and can work back to a simple 4 way summing unit using M12 connections.

Call one of our sales engineers today to discuss weighing arrangements for your next mixing application.

More details  >>   T95 Loadcell & Assembly  || Dowload PDF  || FACEBOOK post




Updated K481 Summing firmware with minor bug fixes

Updated K481 Summing firmware with minor bug fixes

Release date: 22 Jan 15

  • Fix negative tare values causing bad data error
  • Fix timing on streaming registers
  • Fix possible buffer overflow in number editor
  • Fix +/- key entering number editor with magic number
  • Fix units not right justified in auto outputs

Available for download on the K481 product page  note you will need to use your dealer log on to see the firmware.

K481 Summing >>>>

Team Arrow AD 2015 Solar Challenge wrap up by Darren Pearson

Team Arrow AD 2015 Solar Challenge wrap up by Darren Pearson

Release date: 21 Jan 15

We attended the World Future Energy Summit with the cars yesterday and had a chance to see the exhibition and attend the awards ceremony. Compelling speech from president of Egypt and a lifetime award was given to Al Gore.

Congratulations to University of Michigan Solar Car team with their 3 wheel car as the overall winner! In the end Arrow 1 placed 5th after penalties (for speeding...) So 2nd fastest 4 wheel car, 5th overall and on Day 2 we were able to mix it with the best. The car is currently top 3 in the world performance wise – we just need to tune up our strategy and sort out reliability on a few systems. October though will bring a new batch of contenders so we need to step it up a little to stay competitive.

Thanks again to solarracing.org  for great coverage.

Rinstrum Facebook page


Arrow 1 Qualifies - Starting in 4th position in the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge

Arrow 1 Qualifies - Starting in 4th position in the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge

Release date: 16 Jan 15

Arrow 1 completed the necessary +250km on the Yas Marina Circuit yesterday to qualify for the road race that starts today. Start positions were determined by furthest distance - they were allowed to drive all day (9-5) until they ran out of battery or time. Great photo from the www.arabiangazette.com of the qualifying start yesterday - Team Arrow in the middle

Arrow 1 will be starting in 4th position (of 15 cars) - well done Team Arrow! For those of you who don't follow F1 or V8 Super Cars, the Yas Marina Circuit really does have a marina in the middle of it - amazing place.


visit Rinstrum Facebook page to see more photos.

12 or 24VDC on D8 Series Remotes- updates

12 or 24VDC on D8 Series Remotes- updates

Release date: 14 Jan 15

D820/D840 Series Alpha Numeric Display
The D8 Series of super bright LED displays now support 12VDC or 24VDC as well as an AC option.
• 24VDC (18–36VDC)
• 12VDC (9–18VDC)

  D820 - 50mm (2") D840 - 100mm (4")
New Easy to use part numbers:
Add AC or DC for your power requirements and for the DC option add either 12 or 24.




Key Highlights & Features

• Wide viewing angle
• Annunciators*
• Isolated RS232/485 Serial Input or Ethernet
• Auto detecting setup
• Compatibility with a wide range of indicator manufacturers
• Unit switching support *
• VAC or VDC Power Options

D820 / D840 Super Bright LED Alpha Numeric Display  >>>


R400 Series Firmware Update K401/K402/K491 Available

Release date: 17 Dec 14

  Includes minor bugs fixes relating to streaming and timing on registers to improve interoperability with the M4223 Lua Module. Latest firmware available R400 Download  (Note you will need to log with your dealer log on to see the firmware.) or for rinLIVE customers in the download section on rinLIVE.rinstrum.com.


R400 product page >>

Updated View400/Save400 in one Application

Updated View400/Save400 in one Application

Release date: 04 Nov 14

Software tools View400 and Save400 have been rolled into one application and upgraded. The new application includes the network device finder and a number of fixes.

Save400 reads and writes R400 indicator setup and configuration - this allows for a setup to be exported for update and then reimported. It is ideal for the setup of multi product installations and batching recipes as it allows CSV files to be imported.

Available in the download section (with Dealer Log In)

Call or email us if you would like one of our Sales Engineers to step you through the application to help streamline indicator setup.


New Super Bright LED Remote Displays

Release date: 30 Jul 14

We have just launched three new super bright LED remote displays:D730, D820 and D840. The D820 (50mm/2" digits) and D840 (100mm/4" digits) feature full alpha numeric characters, annunciator and unit switching support. As well as optional DC and Ethernet. They support a wide range of protocols making them compatible with a range of manufacturers. The D730 is a 7 segment display (75mm/3" digits) with traffic lights that is ideal for truck scales.

The D740, N740 and C740 are discontinued but will continue to be supported with spares and repairs. If you have an N740 or C740 application please call us to discuss options using the new remote displays teamed up with a weight transmitter.



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