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R423 - Stainless Steel Housing

R423 - Stainless Steel Housing

Release date: 11 Sep 07

The dosing indicator of our R400 series is now also available in a stainless steel housing.

Ideal for panel mounting and OEM applications!

  • Up to 10  batching stages - flexible configurable
  • Proportion calculation according to weight or proportion
  • Fill correction using jogging or in-flight
  • Multiple serial interfaces

rin-LINK now availabel!

rin-LINK now availabel!

Release date: 01 Jul 06

Die neueste Ausführung des rin-LINK Kabels erlaubt den Anschluss direkt an den USB port des PC.


2100 NiMH Battery

Release date: 01 Mar 06

Die ursprüngliche 12V Gel Batterie des Zubehörs 2100/B wurde durch eine neue NiMH Batterie und Steckerladegerät ersetzt. Dies ermöglicht eine erheblich längere Betriebsdauer mit dem Akku.

5000 Series Software Updates

5000 Series Software Updates

Release date: 01.Aug 11

Software updates are available in the download section for the following products:

5100 - Firmware for Version 5 hardware

5200 - Firmware update for minor bug fix on status set point targets

5230 - Firmware update for minor bug fix on Auto Format E

Dealer log on is required to access software and reference manuals in the download section - if you unsure of your log on details or need your password reset please call or email us.

Product Update: R400 Set Point and Barcode (K401/K402/K491)

Product Update: R400 Set Point and Barcode (K401/K402/K491)

Release date: 02. Nov 11

Enhanced Set Point Functionality:

* Logic set points allowing for AND, OR, XOR across multiple sources
* Selectable source: I/O, the status of the instrument, another setpoint or a register value
* Set point naming
* Settable delays before a set point becomes active or inactive.

Auto Tare: To reduce user input or for use in automatic processes an Auto Tare special function is now available.

Enhanced Counting Functions: The counting function has been expanded to allow the editing of the weight or count to be switched on/off.

Barcode: Serial communications of barcode is now available which allows for the connection of a barcode scanner to the indicator and product selection via barcode reading.

Expanded Data Strings for custom printing: The expansion of the string data now allows for up to 150 characters to be included on a custom print out (in addition to the header and footer)

You can reflash an R423 or R420 to the latest version, of the same application (K401, K402 and K491), for free by downloading the firmware from the various product pages. Dealer log on is required to access software and reference manuals in the download section.

Download the updated Custom Print String Application Note - for records and dockets in the product download section


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