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Rinstrum 1400 Profibus Module Launch

Release date: 28 Apr 09

For complete integration of Rinstrum devices* onto a Profibus network

The Rinstrum 1400 Profibus-DP module allows for Rinstrum indicators (*5000 Series and R400 Series) and displays to be connected onto a Profibus-DP network. The 1400 translates the data from the indicators into the Profibus format. This allows the Profibus master to effectively extract status and weight data for example from the indicators and send commands to the indicators. The data slots are fully configurable.
  • Input Data – Indicator status, current weight, I/O status etc.
  • Output Command Data – remote key functions, targets, flight etc.

Check out the Application Note describing the connection of two R400 indicators onto a Profibus network in a basic water treatment plant example.
Further Product Information

R400 Series - K410 Filling Indicator Launched

R400 Series - K410 Filling Indicator Launched

Release date: 20 Feb 09

The R400 series has been expanded to include the K410 software for single material filling applications. It is configured for fast set up and is suitable for:

  • Dosing, bag or silo filling
  • Filling applications using negative batching, for example discharge from a silo into a truck.

batching specifications

  • 100 Recipes (Products)
  • 3 set batching stages- Fill, Dump and Finish
  • 1 Material
  • 3 Speed Fill
  • Fill correction using jogging or in-flight
  • Dump to time or weight
  • Negative batching
  • Batch suspend
  • Timer (RTC) based multiple batching


Download document


R423 Update - K411 100 Recipes

Release date: 17 Feb 09

Software: R400-K411 2.20 and higher (applies to V2 Hardware)

The R423 hardware and software has been upgraded to support multiple recipes and a variety of other features.

  • 100 Recipes
Automatic proportion on first fill
  • Automatic proportion calculation after first fill stage
  • Proportions of remaining batch are adjusted automatically according to first material fill quantity
  • Ideal for applications with a manually loaded first fill stage
Two printer support
  • Support for up to two (2) printers
  • Selectable port per printout type
  • Ideal for applications that require a customer docket and a company print record or alibi
Time of day batching
  • Timer based multiple batching
  • The Real Time Clock is used to control the batch timing for time based batching
  • Ideal for bio-fuel applications, delayed batch start or night shift operations


R400 Series Summing Indicator Launch

R400 Series Summing Indicator Launch

Release date: 28 Nov 08

The K481 Summing Indicator is based on the R400 Series indicator hardware. It shares the same style operator interface and setup menus making it easy for both the operator and the installer. The K481 can sum R300 Series or R400 Series indicators.

  • Sum up to 9 slave units 
  • Up to 4 subtotals
  • Support for R400 series modules
  • Built in serial communications

Applications: multiple deck weigh bridges, car balancing systems, aircraft weighing, medical bed weighing applications and shipyard centre of gravity ballast determination.

Download document

R320-K302 Ring Network Functionality

R320-K302 Ring Network Functionality

Release date: 08 Aug 08

The latest R300 software now supports RS232 ring functionality back to a master computer.

  • Connect up to 31xR320s into a ring network
  • Simple setup with the R300 Viewer


  • Uses only one communication port on the master computer
  • Saves on communications cabling

X320 now trade approved!

X320 now trade approved!

Release date: 24 Jul 08


In May 2008 the X320 Extreme received the official approval according to OIML (Testreport No. TC7419; Testcertificate No.: T7418).


Therewith this weighing indicator now meets all requirements of the european standards for trade approved weighing electronics.


Rated to IP68 and IP69K and a reasonable price make the X320 a very attractive partner for your applications.


Our Weight Transmitter 1203 - Now also available in lead free

Our Weight Transmitter 1203 - Now also available in lead free

Release date: 05 Jun 08

" 100% computer controllable
" DC-isolated I/O
" Analogue output configurable from 0-10V and 4-20mA
" Network possible using RS232 and RS485

Application Areas: Tank Weighing, Weighing of concrete, Mixing and Dosing.

R300 Update - IP65 housing and new accessories

R300 Update - IP65 housing and new accessories

Release date: 13 Mar 08

" High compact housing (IP65 rated)
" IP65 boot with 2.5Ah 12V NiMH rechargeable battery pack inside
" Sophisticated external charger

Ideal for use in harsh environments.


D741 - now available with power input

D741 - now available with power input

Release date: 13 Mar 08

This allows you to connect the D741 directly to the control panel.

Order no.
D741-5 Remote Display, VDC, 5x120mm LED
D741-6A Remote Display, VDC, 6+Annunciators, x120mm LED

New housing for R320 indicator

New housing for R320 indicator

Release date: 07 Jan 08


Regarding many customer wishes we have been creating a new enclosure for R320 indicator. The new material has been designed to protect the electronics against dust and water jets from different angles (IP65).
Boreholes on the back side enable the customer to connect plugs in an easy and user-friendly way.


Ideal for use in harsh environnments.

We are setting patterns for exceptional housings.


Order No: M3003


We are growing!!!

We are growing!!!

Release date: 01 Oct 07

From Nov. 1st, 2007 on you'll find us under the following adress:

Rinstrum Europe GmbH
Donnersbergring 14 - 18
64295 Darmstadt
Telefon: +49 (0) 6151 13617-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 6151 13617-29


In our new premises of now 400m² our team and its service will be at your disposal as usual.




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