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Batching is available in the R400 Series indicators and the 5100 in the 5000 series.  The K411 and K412 application firmware, for the R420 or R423, can support up to 32 input/outputs.  Both handle up to 100 recipes and 3 speed filling.

Application Firmware: K410 K411 K412
Number of Materials    1       6         20


R400 Series - Two consoles are available - stainless steel or powder coated - selected according to the environment. The R420 (ABS) rated to IP65 or the R423 (stainless steel) rated to IP66 is panel mounted in the door.
5000 Series - The 5100 is available in two configurations (5110/5120) that are pre-wired in a Rittal enclosure ready for an electrician to install.

Programmable Indicators

Programmable Indicators
    The R400 Series Indicators provides a powerful and flexible batching controller.

    Powerful batching configuration
    10 Batching stages
    Fill, Dump and Pulse stages
    K411 - 6 Materials
    K412 - 20 Material
    3 Speed Fill
    Fill correction using jogging or in-flight
    Dump to time or weight
    Multi-line display with batching prompts
    The multi-line display shows batch progress, current weight, target weights, material name along with dedicated batch status annunciators.
    Batching operation flexibility
    Batch size can be varied by either weight or proportion and the operator can set number of batches to run.
    Up to 32 input/ outputs
    The robust I/O is designed for direct connection into PLC’s, or direct drive up to 400mA each with up to 32 I/O control points.
    Printing and reporting
    Programmable printing for customized dockets and reports.
    Detailed reporting with material usage and batch statistics, along with QA records of every batch run when combined with the data logger.

    An optional DIN rail mount relay output PCB is available that provides:

    • Eight (8) voltage free relay outputs
    • Outputs are independent and isolated
    • Rated to 250VAC and 8A
    • Normally open (N/O) and normally closed (N/C) contacts